How it all started

 Back in 2007, when my baby was 5, she had a really bad skin reaction at school. My sweet little girl was allergic to  milk products. After seeing the doctor he prescribed to us a whole line of soaps and lotions she would need to help her skin.

Fast forward 9 years and 3 more children later, I have become wiser and more knowledgeable through experience.  No need to fill your cabinets or bathrooms with nasty soaps to wash your precious child.  Freak of Nature CT is the result of what soaps can be, a fun and elegant beauty . If you can eat it, you can wash with it! Nature and my kids are my inspiration.  I Pledge to you all our soaps are made using only natural colors and scents, no synthetic color or fragrances. If i wouldn't put on my family why ask you to.